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What are the effects of stomach acid on EDTA when taken orally?
When taken orally EDTA is like other amino acids of similar molecular weight,  it passes through the stomach unaffected where it is then absorbed directly through the epithelium cells of the duodenum. What has been misunderstood is the fact that stomach acidity has nothing to do whatsoever with the digestion of proteins, which takes place through enzymatic reaction later in the duodenum, and also that orally consumed free form amino acids are not affected as well. EDTA, like all free form amino acids do not need a digestive process to enter the bloodstream. All Free Form Amino Acids, including EDTA, will pass unharmed and unchanged into the duodenum where they then are directly absorbed into the bloodstream. Again, they are not, as mistakenly alleged by some, broken down or destroyed by the gastric processes.